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We are certain that increasing the added value of rebuilt parts contributes to an advanced eco-recycling society.

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When we were founded in 1993, there was no rebuilt parts market in Japan, and almost no awareness of the saleability of rebuilt parts. Since then, the world has called for the protection of the environment on a global scale. The 3Rs recycling, reusing, and reducing have become critical issues in the automotive field as well, and attention has turned to rebuilt parts, which perfectly embody the 3R philosophy. We are engaged in the development and production of rebuilt parts, restoring used automotive components cores in line with our concept of adding a fourth R, “Remanufacturing”. Through this, we have been contributing to slowly expand the rebuilt parts market. Rebuilt parts, which are low cost and whose manufacture is environmentally friendly, are already in widespread use in Europe and North America, and our products have been well received in foreign markets. However, most of Japanese customers have not been appreciating true value of rebuilt parts and tend to purchase new parts. This is why we always strive for quality levels equal to those of new parts in our rebuilt parts. Through the RAP and NAP brands, we hope to convey to as many customers as possible the value of superior quality rebuilt parts. Using our technology and know-how to restore parts to their original performance and capabilities, we are adding value to rebuilt parts as an essential part of the sustainable growth of the automotive industry.We believe that this is our mission. As a leader of rebuilt automotive parts industry, we, HONEST CO. will strive to vitalize the entire rebuilt parts industry and will contribute to realize an advanced eco-recycling society.

Keiji Okawa,

President HONEST CO., LTD.

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